Why should I pay you to take our pictures, and not Uncle Bob, who has a nice camera? Clearly you questioned your uncle Bob’s photographic abilities or you wouldn’t be here. From experience I can tell you that a nice camera does not always = nice pictures. I have spent years honing my skills behind a camera before deciding to become a professional. The old adage “you get what you pay for”, is almost always true.

What should I wear for our photo session? During our pre-session meeting I will provide you with a link to some of my favourite websites that discuss this very topic. Please feel free to check out Pinterest too.

Why don’t you provide ALL my photos? I take anywhere between 100-1000 pictures per session, depending on how much time we spent together. Many of those photographs are retakes of the same pose with slightly different settings. I will pick the photograph that best represents my vision for that photo. The rest often catch a person mid blink, or mouth open and since they don’t show the best you they don’t make the final cut. You can expect anywhere between 10-100 finished photos to choose from depending on how long we spend together.

Why do I need to buy prints? Can’t you just provide me with the high resolution digital files? Photographs are meant to be printed, and proudly displayed. Add to that we don’t know where technology will be in 20 years. I want your photos to always look amazing. Prints and albums are a future proof medium. No matter where technology  goes you will have your images to enjoy for your lifetime and generations to come. I do however offer finished digital prints on a USB as an À la carte option.

Do you provide web ready digital prints that I can share with family and friends? Yes! Absolutely. I will provide you with a nice selection of resized for web digital images that you can use on all your websites. If you have specific needs for sizing, say for a blog, please let me know and I will provide you with something that fits your specifications. These images will have a subtle watermark. Please don’t remove it and feel free to tag one of my social site when sharing if you loved your session!

Who owns the images? All images are owned by the photographer. If you purchase the USB option I will sign over limited rights for personal use of the photo for printing and sharing in ways that are not for profit. My images can not be used to enter into any agreement that has the potential of financial gain, be it a contest or commercial usage.